The mission of T.E.C.H. is to make equipment and instruction available to people that are either unemployed or underemployed and then make them accessible to employers at no cost to the trainees. A quick look at employment statistics will show you that while there are several people without employment or are currently underemployed, there are also many jobs available. One of the biggest problems that makes it possible for so many jobs to remain open while people are in need of work is a lack of skills and training. Therefore, we have made it our mission to improve those numbers and it all starts with helping people to acquire those skills.

We have identified key competencies that are required to enter some of the top manufacturing and technical fields and follow a successful and lucrative career path. Depending on the program, the students will work with their fellow classmates under qualified instruction towards one or more trade or technical certifications. These are proof to prospective employers that the students have a good baseline of skills that allow them to flourish in the work environment.

By focusing on what is really necessary to succeed in the workplace, we are able to streamline the training and complete it in a short time instead of requiring several years like a traditional degree. What’s taught is what’s needed and it’s done in as short a time possible to fully understand and apply key concepts and skills. This allows for more people to find the time needed to commit to one of our programs and follow through to completion. This streamlined approach also allows for us to graduate and place more and more students over time.


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