Another essential part of our T.E.C.H. that brings availability to a larger group of participants is our housing program. For those that qualify we offer one more point of relief to what is an often a financially challenging path to success.

Although the concept of saving money on tuition and study materials makes it possible for many people to participate in the program, housing continues to be a hurdle for others. When you consider the time necessary to attend class and do homework, there is a lot less time to work or balance other aspects of your life that make it possible to get by. In many cases these inescapable facts of daily life keep people from being able to participate. In other cases, the strain it puts on participants can be overwhelming. So in order to remove these obstacles and open the doors of our program to more people, we also offer housing.

In addition to cutting costs to students, housing helps to create a better environment in which to learn simply by removing one of the biggest sources of financial burden that has to be met by everyone. By removing this stressful aspect of student life, it allows the student to concentrate more on education. Despite the conviction and dedication of people that really want to learn and better themselves, everyday life cannot be paused or suspended while they are accomplishing this goal. Life goes on, bills are still due and responsibilities must be met. But by alleviating one more challenge of the educational puzzle, we can extend the availability of our program to many more people.

Perhaps the best benefit of student housing is to bring students together so that they can work side by side beyond school hours much more conveniently. This affords weaker students the ability to seek help from their peers as well as it affords the stronger students the ability to give that needed assistance. It creates a community of like-minded individuals and allows them an easy opportunity to get together and work towards mutually assured success.

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