Any training program is really only as valuable as your potential to use it. Given the proper grants and educational opportunities many people could pursue the right training to prepare for a new career. Some schools and institutions will even offer additional resources for current and future graduates in the form of resume writing skills or interview preparation classes. Any bit of effort to place students into new jobs shows that the institution cares about their students. But wouldn’t it be better if they skipped all of that and just told the students that they have a job waiting for them when they finish? We think so, and that’s exactly what we do.

The programs we offer are specifically aimed at teaching current, usable skills that align the students with opportunities that already exist.  TECH trains candidates with Job-Ready skills in Machining & Welding. We provide NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) certifications in Measurement, Materials & Safety (MMS), Benchwork, Planning & Layout, OSHA 10 (Safety) and OSHA Forklift Certifications along with the basics of MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding.

These skills, along with resume preparation, workplace environment, financial literacy, and interview techniques, put our graduates in the best possible position to secure placement with regional manufacturing companies. Several companies send their HR representatives to meet candidates and discuss hiring issues (including Social Media, Drug Testing and Point Sytems) to prepare candidates for a successful transition from TECH to employment. Mock interviews and resume submission also give students personal interaction with actual hiring personnel. Placing Job-Ready candidates in lucrative positions is our goal for both our students and industry partners.

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