There are several ways in which active military and veterans alike are afforded the opportunity to attend school and receive career training. Most of these are tied to grants or scholarships that allow people to pay for tuition and expenses. Yet, not all of these programs offer complete relief of expenses. More importantly, very few if any of these opportunities guarantee employment.

The opportunities offered through Vettech are designed to ensure the success of the student by removing many aspects of college education that make it impractical. Listed below are just three of many reasons that keep veterans from enriching themselves and creating a path for greater success in life.


Even in an accelerated program, a traditional degree is going to take about three years to obtain. When added to their current financial and family obligations, this is just too long for most to undertake. Our programs are done in months, not years. Not only is the necessary sacrifice greatly shortened, but it takes the rewards of education out from the future and into the present time.


With Vettech, there is no need to worry about how much the student will be financially responsible for after grants and GI bills are applied. The cost starts at zero and it does not need to impact the student or their family in any way. A Vettech education doesn’t come with student loans or lifelong payments. It comes with a job and the opportunity for a better life.


There are thousands of grads out there with good educations looking for work. Graduating from a college or university only guarantees you a diploma that says you completed a course of study. That diploma doesn’t tell to you report to work, it only says you can. Every student accepted into our program is taken in because there is a job waiting. There are no classes for writing resumes or job hunting at Vettech. Instead, we have a job waiting our students and a guaranteed opportunity to improve their careers and lives.

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